(May 12, 2017)
For now there are two methods being used to search.
The basic method simply searches all text in each /r/buddhism thread (within the time frame that Mr. Dorfman was active).
If the "Must be said by Michael" option is selected, the JSON structure is used (which is why the output is cleaner looking). In this case, the threads are sorted by date.

(May 14, 2017)
Note that if Mr. Dorfman quoted someone, that will count as him saying it. (And be wary of "words" that are too short. It's conceivable that the url of a video he shared contains the string 'qx' or 'zx' for example. This a feature, not a bug.)

(May 16, 2017)
Some context for why the string was found is printed, but note that the string may have occurred more than once. (What is printed is not necessarily the first occurrence.)

(I have also included the few links in which michael_dorfman was mentioned, or he submitted the thread, but he did not comment.)

(July 02, 2017)
UTF-8 support added; comments and titles should display properly and you may search using characters like ś or ā.
(If you're attempting to search for quotations using > use &gt instead.)